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North Coast Crew: Hardcore Freestyle Walking!


Welcome to the official website of the North Coast Crew. We're a freestyle walking crew from Ohio. Check back for updates.


Here's the news related to just the website.

7/9/03   Site created

7/10/03  Changed colors and created contact page

7/12/03  Added the photos thanks to Ben

7/12/03  Added more photos and a counter

7/17/03  Added more photos. Hopefully, videos will be here soon.

7/21/03  We have a forum now. It still needs work, as does the whole new site. Check it out at *edited*

7/28/03  The "new" site was on a server that had a horrible irrepairable crash. We're now located at *edited, too*. Hopefully, we'll also own freestylewalking.org by the end of this weekend.

8/7/03  Look! Look! A new event!

4/19/04 First update of 2004. New photos and a new layout. The pics from 2003 are still on a seperate page. Also, we have our first video clip!

Upcoming Events

Summer is nigh. The reunion of the NCC and MAS is imminent. School has kept us all busy and hasn't left a lot of time for the massive amounts of driving it takes to get together, but we're hoping for a lot of mini sessions this summer as well as a few major ones.  Expect the following months to be much busier than the last.


Email Skip at the_toastmaster@alltel.net