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Bust a Motherfucking MOVE!

The North Coast Crew/Medina All Stars in action

Okay, I added more images. Coming soon:  Walker specific photos! For all the images, go to http://nccfsw.20megsfree.com/images

Dave doing the Sleepy Jason gap

Dave: Lord of the Dance

Ben doing a Crippled Christ stall

Dave doing a stripper hand plant

Jason and his hat bailing off a rail

Ben has guns

Jason and his phallus

The Stripper T, a Jef signature move
Jef being a bat Ben backsiding a rail
Jason pulls a figure 4 (look at the legs) Jef flips over the bar
Jef: Huge air (photo by Ben) Ben does a wicked toestall
The Half Method: A Jason Signature Move Jef doing a Christ stall on the monkey bars
Ben getting some wicked air guitar Ben doing a toestall with ankle grab Ladies and Gentlemen... The Medina All Stars!!!
Ben really rocks at christ stalls Jef handplants something really high
Jef tricking off a homeless guy's bed The Medina All Stars: Keeping it street
Skip doing a Buddha into the sun Sean doing a wallride
Skip doing a method Sean pulls a gymnast plant off the high quarter
Jef does a rockstar over a bike rack The last picture ever taken of Skip before the bush raping
Sean shows us how to treat a lady